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Provisioning for Paradise in Lau Group, South Pacific – from Field Trip

Another excellent post by Sarah of Field Trip. “Bring more food and provisions than you think you’ll need,” people told us, “because you won’t want to leave the Lau Group once you arrive.”Fulaga. School supplies to village meeting

Sarah and her husband, Mark, live on another Antares 44i catamaran with their two children, Elizabeth and Michael. They have been sailing for a few years longer than we have and are now in the South Pacific. fiji-mapSince we will be following their sail-steps in 2017, we find everything they report on very interesting.  But anyone interested in liveaboard sailing will enjoy Sarah’s posts – she writes so well. Here she discusses preparations  to spend time in the Lau Group of islands near Fiji where there isn’t much fresh produce to buy.

Having now crossed the Atlantic, we can relate to the importance and challenge of figuring out how to make fresh produce last. We are green-fiends…if we don’t have something fresh and green to eat every day, we go through withdrawal. Cabbage is famous as the vegetable that lasts the longest, but it’s neither Rand’s nor my favorite. If you’re clever and diligent (as Sarah definitely is) you can make vegetables last longer than you’d imagine possible. In Sarah’s case, she kept cucumbers crunchy for six weeks. That is nothing short of amazing.

Sarah writes: “The real trick was trying to find ideal places to store each item in order to preserve its freshness.  I was determined to make it last.  As we ate up the refrigerated produce, space became available to chill anything that was beginning to wilt …. I felt like I was the Fresh Food Nanny – rotating eggs, wrapping zucchini snuggly in paper towel and cling wrap, checking tomatoes for any seeping, and peeking in on the potatoes I’d stored in a cool, dark cabinet.  But, it all paid off!  After 6 weeks, we were still enjoying crunchy cucumber salads and eggs.

On my next crossing, I’m going to become a Fresh Food Nanny too!

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