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Recent Updates

Crew Training Checklist

The crew training checklist outlines the sailing vessel Golden Glow specific knowledge needed by each member of the Golden Glow crew. If you don’t know about any of the please ask.  Crew Safety First!

Coastal / Day Crew Training Checklist

  • Use of Heads (if you clog them you win the obligation to fix or pay to get them fixed 🙂
  • Use of Ports and Hatches (keep them closed when underway)
  • No shoes inside cabin, deck shoes or bare feet only on deck.
  • Do not turn switches unless asked to by Captain or Admiral.
  • Nothing gets thrown overboard, no trash, no gum, nothing
  • Location of life vests, MOB Gear, horns, flares
  • Location of extinguishers & fire blanket for engine fire, kitchen fire, BBQ fire

Offshore Crew Training Checklist

  • Review Coastal Crew Training List
  • Use of Heads: If you didn’t eat or drink it, don’t put it in the head! As fixing heads are so much fun: if you clog a head, you win the prize of getting to pay to get it fixed, or get to fix it yourself. )
  • Obligations of one hour a day for boat (in addition to shift time) list of projects for passage
  • Use of Safety Gear Training: life vest, Dan Buoy, MOB gear, life raft, alarms
  • Watch Schedule
  • Change of Watch
  • High wind drill
  • Man over board (MOB) drill and technique
  • Abandon Ship Duties
  • Fire drill (use of extinguishers & fire blanket for engine fire, kitchen fire, BBQ fire)
  • Collision Drill