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When in Rome


Hunter & Savvy Survey the Tiber River in Rome

Hunter and Savannah came all the way from San Diego for a summer vacation on Golden Glow in July 2015.

Since they were flying into Rome, our plan was to take them to the very beautiful offshore islands of Ponza and Palmerola, not too far by distance, but a world away from Rome in terms of being cleaner, less crowded and cooler.


our sailing course from northern Sardinia to Fiumicino

IMG_6078_1024We thought we would save time by stationing the boat in Ponza while Rand went to Rome to pick up the kids, traveling by ferry and train. But as it turned out, the transportation schedules would have required two extra days of travel to get back and forth from Ponza (via Ventotene) to Rome’s airport.  And at the same time, we realized that Rome’s international airport is in Fiumicino, right on the coast, and very close to the Tiber River, where there are numerous marinas to choose from. So instead, we sailed east from Sardinia and brought Golden Glow all the way to the mainland to pick up the kids.


Hunter in front of St Peter’s SquareIMG_6196

This change of plans also made it easy to take the kids into Rome, which was a treat for them…and for us as well, since we got to see Rome all over again through their eyes. IMG_6068_1024Pacing ourselves to teenager energy, we whirled around Rome, seeing the Pantheon, Colliseum and the Forum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and countless piazzas and fountains – all in a day.


a Pope commissioned this map of Italy many centuries ago.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.39.10 AM

San Crispino Gelato


One of the multitude of magnificent frescoes at the Vatican

We interspersed the sightseeing with lots of Gelato, deciding that our favorite gelateria was San Crispino, about a block away from the Pantheon.   Their fruit flavors had the most authentic, rich taste, and the colors were muted, unlike most of the brightly colored gelato around Rome that know is full of artificial colors. Nowhere else did we see that each gelato flavor had its own thermostat and cooling unit, and nowhere else did we see such a variety of flavors…whiskey!?!Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.36.40 AM


tuckered out after a full day of sightseeing, Savvy welcomed a restful dinner

Between bites of gelati, we enjoyed wonderful Italian pizza, bruschetta, and at the end of the day, a Roman dinner at the outside tables of a neighborhood restaurant that was as authentic and untouristy as we could have hoped for.


Hunter & Rand reenacted a Sistine Chapel Pose later in Ponzasistine

One of the best items of trip-planning preparation we did before Hunter and Savannah aarrived was to get Vatican tickets online ahead of time. In the 90+ degree humid swelter, you can imagine how nice it felt to walk to a special very short line for ticket holders. We felt bad for the hundreds of people we walked past who were lined up for many blocks in the hot sun waiting to get in without tickets and reservations. Another tip: be sure to bring something to cover your shoulders (only needed in the Sistine Chapel)


does the Vatican have a rule that every square inch needs to be covered in art?


a pharmacy in Rome looks like an old apothecary shop


My smart camera wanted to know whose faces these were — both of them


in front of Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers

and ultra-comfortable shoes as you will walk many miles just through the museum. But what glorious art and architecture!     IMG_6176_1024 DSC00460_1024 DSC00442_1024

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