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Recent Updates

Extended Leave Checklist

Extended Leave Boat Exit Checklist

Electrical Switches set as follows:

  • Bilges “ON”
  • Fridge and Freezer “ON”
  • Water Maker “ON” (if less than a month and reliable power)

If shore power:

  • Inverter “ON”
  • Washer Dryer “ON” (if 110VAC A/C is setup in salon)
  • AIS “ON”
  • Setup A/C Cooling system
  • All other power “OFF”
  • Engines instruments “OFF”


  • Close Propane off at bottle, close BBQ off, be sure switch is off, put gas cans in dingy
  • Secure boat with sufficient dock lines and extra fenders (use fire hose for chaffing)
  • Tighten halyards, furling and sheets
  • Secure Anchor
  • Secure Bridal
  • Store Screecher and Pulpit
  • Install bird abatement CDs
  • Drain/pump waste water
  • Heads empty of water and conditioner in lines
  • Lock Hatches
  • Close blinds on hatches
  • Lock Ports
  • Close blinds on ports
  • All cabinets secured and locked
  • PC / Tablets out of view
  • Fill water tanks
  • Clean Fridge and Freezer
  • Remove bread and other dry goods that will go bad
  • Take out trash and recyclables
  • Remove Cockpit Seats and Store
  • Remove Cockpit Dodgers and store
  • Canvas on and secured
  • Laundry done – Remove any wet clothes, towels from vessel or dry
  • General cleaning of floors and counter tops
  • Salon table “open” (no shadows from sun bleaching)
  • Secure Dingy with additional straps
  • Remove Dingy drain plug
  • Fresh water rinse of Dingy Engine
  • Store gas in dingy (remove from lazerette)
  • Store bikes and secure any deck toys
  • Condition water maker
  • Run Generator (if not recently used)
  • Turn off engine safety switches
  • Lock cockpit door
  • Check bilge switches are set to “AUTO” in cockpit.
  • Turn alarm “ON”
  • Notify Dock master of contact phone #
  • Leave key and Alarm bob with dock master
  • If moored double bridle line to mooring

If leaving more than a month Checklist

  • Cover Bird Hole in Mast
  • Move toys stored on deck inside
  • Thru hulls closed (leave bilges open)
  • Condition water maker
  • Prep Engines: Volvos and Generator (clean oil, transmission fluid & filters, etc.)
  • Prep out board on dingy: run fresh water through and run gas out
  • Pop circuit breakers for winches, windlass
  • Turn off engine start batteries