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Fabulous Find! 12volt Chargers for Laptop Computers

Living off the grid on a sailboat, we’re powered mainly by solar and wind, and occasionally our diesel generator, that recharge our house batteries.  Efficiency is key when it comes to recharging our boatload of battery-powered tech devices: cameras, cell phones, tablets, gps devices, cameras and so many more. Using our inverter, we tap into our big house batteries to recharge our devices. Charging with 12volts is the ideal for energy efficiency. If we have a device that needs 110volt plug-in, it drains the batteries noticeably more quickly.

Until recently, our beloved but power-hungry laptops needed 110-volt power to recharge. Now, thanks to our friends Margy and Monty on sv Whistler, we have 12 volt chargers that charge our laptops. Hurrah!!

Amazon has the right connector on a 12volt charger for whatever computer you have,  In our case with the Retina Macbook Pros, it was this one.

The 12volt chargers works great. Our batteries are happy and so are we!

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