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Our Thoughts & Prayers are With You in Queensland

ouch! says the owner of this catamaran

double ouch!!

Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Debbie is losing intensity as it tracks south towards Brisbane, the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have been affected. Cyclone Debbie has been described as a “once in a hundred years event.”

Cyclone Debbie from space

Debbie was especially damaging because not only did because tt have winds gusting to 190 mph, it also was such a slow-moving cyclone, meaning that her winds blew for much longer than expected, decimating everything in their path. Having sustained, destructive winds for over 24 hours is what made this cyclone such a rare weather event.

this shark ended up on a road!

We are right in the process of updating our insurance to cover our Pacific puddle-jump. Maybe not the best timing to try for a good quote. Lloyds, Pantaenius, etc. Be kind!

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