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Adventure Trip to Victoria Falls in Dominica

We had an excellent day trip with Sea Cat on Dominica. We visited several waterfalls, ate many many fruits of the island including local cherries and apples and bread fruit. Sea Cat’s name is really Octavius Lugay, like the octopus and he was adept at climbing like one as well.  We had an excellent day with him and would highly recommend the adventure if you ever have time for a stop over in Dominica.  Just look out for that lady with the rum, it is a serious rum.

Sea Cat’s contact info: Sea Cat Tours and Description


Sea Cat helping others up the river to Victoria Falls


Fording the river to get to Victoria Falls

Pot of Golden Glow is at each end of that rainbow. A boat on one end and a couple of Glowetts on the other.

Rainbow overlooking our Golden Glow in the bay.

Cool clean fresh water. Awesome!!

The creature from Victoria Falls

Look at the angel I found in the falls!

Time for a swim after a healthy afternoon walk

Rand Loves the Water

Rand and Cat getting ready to jump into the roaring water below.

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