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Engine Startup and Shutdown Procedures

Golden Glow engine start and stop procedures are as follows:

Engine Starting SOP

Golden Glow is blessed with two beautiful little 40HP girls ‘Pet’ and ‘Star’. They have been very willing and able to go on a moments notice. To get them revved up a little foreplay is needed.

  1. Verify thru hulls are open and check strainer, oil, belts, fuel filter
  2. Turn ON battery switches for Engine Battery bank to both (normally always on)
  3. Turn ON “Helm sub panel” switch at 12VDC panel left most column second from top
  4. Turn ON “ICOM” radio at helm
  5. Turn ON “Instruments” at helm
  6. Turn ON VHF Radio and put mic in dash or at least have hand held on channel 16 in cockpit, helpful to ‘tag’ channels used by marina, bridge or foreign like 12 or 14 and put on “scan”
  7. Turn ON both Furuno MFD displays wait for both to ask for validation that they are not ‘really’ used for navigation and then press the roto key of starboard first (master) then port (slave).
  8. Verify that engine is shifted to neutral position
  9. Turn on Engine electronics on engine control panel upper left button on BOTH panels
  10. Verify all warning lights work and that alarm beeps
  11. Check that area around propellers is clear of people swimming and if engine hatches are open yell “About to start engines CLEAR?” if all is clear then:
  12. Press start button until engine starts (repeat second engine after first listening to each)
  13. Check for water exhaust (if none turn off engines and check for obstructions in strainer)
  14. Verify temp on each engine is raising after a couple minutes
  15. Throttle up (to recommended starting position) normally 2300 to 2700rmp.

Engine Stopping SOP

Once the girls have done their job, you will need to let them down slowly.

  1. Shift throttle to idle, wait 5 seconds
  2. Verify in neutral
  3. Check engine temp (should be at 91 degrees C, if over, allow to cool while in idle until 91C)
  4. Press lower right button in engine switch panel (stop engine) for each engine.
  5. Wait for RPM to go to 0
  6. If underway shift to reverse for 3 seconds to collapse prop, move back to neutral
  7. Take log information (both engine hrs, trip odom and each panel odom)
  8. Turn engine instruments off (lower left of engine control panel) for each engine
  9. Turn off the “Instruments”, “ICOM” VHF … on the helm sub panel
  10. NOTE: temperature will rise immediately after engines are turned off as the coolant is no longer running in the engines, this is normal.
  11. If running blower be sure to turn off after 10 minutes “Eng Room Blower”