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the family together in New Zealand New Year’s 2018

Rand and Ellen are greatly blessed: their modern blended family includes eight children, two daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren – so far. Their catamaran will have only three official cabins, but they look forward to many days when its beds, hammocks, and other improvised sleeping spaces are filled to the brim with the friends and family they love spending time with.IMG_7170

The Antares 44i catamaran is the perfect sailboat to liveaboard and cruise as a couple, and also be joined now and then by close friends and family.

Contact them by emailing “svgoldenglow” [at] gmail [dot] comzackweddingfamilyphoto

3 Comments on About Us

  1. Hi
    Is your parasailor still for sale?
    If yes, what comes with it? Eg sheets, easysnuffer, blocks, etc.
    What is your minimum price?
    Hope to hear from you
    Thanx in advance
    Gr. Ronald Boon… The Netherlands

    • Hi Ronald and thanks for the inquiry about our parasailor. We are looking to trade up to the larger size (ours is 105m so 140m is what we are looking for). We haven’t found the replacement sail yet so we can’t answer your question at this time. The easysnuffer would go with the sail but most likely we’d use the sheets, blocks etc would work on the larger parasailor. If they didn’t and we’d have to replace them, we would happily include them (if we do, we can show you what we paid for the hardware and lines). Best to you, Ellen & Rand

  2. Greg Sprott // March 26, 2015 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    Rand and Ellen ,My name is Greg Sprott I am 62 yrs. old recently retired, single and no children.Iam really interested in your Atlantic crossing as crew.I’m living in the sailing capital of the world Phoenix Arizona.My sailing experience is fairly limited but its time to get some blue water sailing under my belt.I have sailed catamarans (16 and18 ft) most of my life in the Gulf of California.I’ve also owned a Ranger 26 and sailed it in the same area,This was mostly weekend and daysailing on the coast.I have crewed on some bigger boats but for short periods of time, just when you got used to the boat the trip was over. .I am familiar with night watches and have no problem with whatever schedules you come up with.My navigational skills are pretty much non-existent but I plan to remedy that with the time I now have on my hands.I am a good listener and respect the fact that this boat is your home and a big investment for you.You are the skipper and your word goes.I totally understand that.Oh,by the way I don’t get seasick ( man are those regretable words ) This trip sounds like a great opportunity to gain some experience along with having some fun.If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you email me back anytime.If you know of anyone who might need crew feel free to give my number to them.Thanks and good luck,Greg

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