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Sailing Checklists

While cruising we find it helpful to have checklists and standard operating procedures (SOP) for many of the tasks we perform on Golden Glow.  Normally we do not need them, but when in a hurry or exhausted from a long crossing or rougher weather, having sailing checklists helps keep Golden Glow a safer yacht.  Our checklists are a bit like the ones pilots use prior to take off, though we are lucky our craft will never fall from the sky. (Though sometimes we do feel as if Golden Glow can fly)

Most of these lists are living lists. They change as our equipment changes, and as we learn more about the fabulous Antares 44i Catamaran and as conditions change while underway.  Antares Yachts has done an excellent job creating a world-class blue water cruising catamaran, well suited to sailing around the world. So much of our job is simply learning how to best take advantage of the superior design of Ted Clements and the rest of the great team at Antares.

I hope these lists and SOPs are of some help to other cruisers as they perfect their best practices for safe and enjoyable journeys throughout the world.  We welcome any feedback from other sailors.  We are always learning, and sharing with the cruiser community makes for a better adventure and please realize these procedures cannot be perfect for you and your boat:  They will need customization to meet the needs of your boat and crew.

Enjoy these Sailing Checklists and have a Glorious Good Day,

Rand and Ellen

The following list is what we hope to have completed at some point.  If there is not a link, then the item is either not done yet or has not been added to the blog.  Feel free to email me (svgoldenglow [at] if there is something that interests you that is not available here.

Sailing Checklists

Sailing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Sailing Vessel Maps and Lists


  • About the Log Book
  • About the Sails and Running Rigging
  • About the Engines
  • About the Generator
  • About the Electrical System
  • About the Galley, Stove and Water
  • About the Heads
  • About the Personal Safety Gear
  • About Fishing
  • About the Dingy
  • About the Diving Hookah
  • About the Kayak and Sail
  • About the washer-dryer

Miscellaneous Docs

  • Prep for a gale
  • Radio Watch
  • Rafting Procedures
  • Personnel Equipment List
  • Smart Phone Application List