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Stainless Cleaning – Products and Methods

We had the good fortune to spend some time with Shaun and Neil of Escapade, an Antares that still sparkles like the day it came out of the factory. The day we had dinner with them on Dominica, I had been working most of the afternoon cleaning rust and polishing stainless on Golden Glow so I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful their stainless was and asked them their secret.  In unison, they replied “Spotless Stainless!” Other Antares owners had recommended On & Off. When I have a chance, I will do an On & Off/Spotless Stainless face-off and post on the comparison.

Whichever stainless cleaner you use, I recommend Collinite Wax to retard re-rusting.

The products I used this time:  and

Escapade’s recommendation – that I’ve now ordered for next time I do stainless (it’s a continual process keeping the boat’s stainless in beautiful shape)

My multi-step method for bad rust. As we’ve gone through our boat, removing the rust that it had when we bought it, I’ve found that using this process, the rust doesn’t ever get as bad again.  The screws on the inside ceiling of our bimini were an area that needed microscopic attention – I used q-tips. Thank goodness for good tunes and gorgeous ocean views to keep me company as I did this job!


IMG_9509_1024 Before and After


step 1: loosen screw to make room to clean under


IMG_9489_1024 step 2: use On & Off or Spotless Stainless to clean off rust


step 3: rinse off stainless cleaner with water


step 4: loosen rust with implement


step 5: clean with toothbrush and abrasive paste


step 6: with scouring pad


step 7: with scouring brush


Clean, move on to the next~!




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