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Offshore Pre-departure Checklist

Offshore Pre-Departure Checklist

Safety Equipment Inspections

  • Inspect fire extinguisher levels
  • Inspect EPIRB (3 seconds during first 5 minutes of the hour)
  • Inspect Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  • Inspect Man Over Board (MOB) gear
  • Inspect life sling and hardware
  • Inspect seacocks and plugs attached
  • Inspect flares dates and count
  • Inspect first aid medicine&trauma kit
  • Inspect ditch (grab) bag
  • Notify safety contacts of expected arrival

Fuel, Water and Holding Tank Checklist

  • Fill diesel tanks & diesel jury cans as needed
  • Fill water tanks
  • Verify water maker is working
  • Inspect water maker filters
  • Pump holding tanks, treat

Engine Checklist

  • Verify generator is working
  • Check generator racor fuel filter, raw water strainer, oil level, coolant, oil filter, fuel filter, belts, impellers, maint log
  • Verify that each diesel engine is working
  • Check each diesel engine racor fuel filters, oil level, raw water strainer, coolant, oil filter, fuel filter, maint log
  • Check for adequate spare parts on-board (see spare parts list here)

Sail and Rigging Checklist

  • Inspect standing & running rigging (particularly swags, fittings, spit rings and SS lashings)
  • Inspect sails (particularly chafe points, ears, leach, batons)
  • Deploy main & jib. Test reefing systems and inspect for grease
  • Inspect deck hardware (blocks, cleats, winches)

Fore Deck Checklist

  • Check anchors are lashed securely
  • Check forward hatches have all stowage secured and vents shut and hatch secure
  • Check sail inventory, condition & bagging
  • Check batteries condition: H2O & acid
  • Check life lines and tape quick releases
  • Run jack lines
  • Remove all CDs & Hammocks from deck
  • Rig screecher and pulpit
  • Inspect bridal

Aft Deck Checklist

  • Check liferaft is secure
  • Check throw device & dan buoy secured
  • Check dingy is secure (lashed and locked)
  • Check outboard secured (lashed & locked)
  • Check jury cans, bikes, anchors, etc are lashed in transom lazarettes
  • Move manual pump to outside & brownie snooba to inside
  • Check LP is full and extra tanks are full
  • Check solar panels are secure

Cockpit Checklist

  • Check life vests are charged, have PLB, cow tail, crouch strap, face shield, whistle, strobe, knife, personal items
  • Check Yeti is secure
  • Check binoculars, horn, night light, head lamps, charts, music, flares, portable VHF
  • Check dodger condition, install if needed
  • Check winch handles, preset blocks

Navigation Equipment Checklist

  • Check all radios are operable: SSB, VHF, Portable VHF, SAT phone
  • Verify all charts are onboard
  • Verify navigation tools are available
  • Check compass
  • Check airmail grib email on SSB & SAT
  • Get current grib, wxfx, w4d & predict wind
  • Check mb mean and standard dev. for area

Below Decks Checklist

  • Check all desks, tables and counters are free of any items
  • Check all drawers and cabinets are secure
  • Check all thru-hulls are in proper position
  • Check that speed paddle wheel is clean and installed
  • Check that doors are all secured
  • Fridge & freezer packed well & secured
  • Check that fresh water filter & strainer
  • Check fresh water pressure
  • Check bilges and high water alarm
  • Check the A/C unit strainers
  • Check CO2 alarms