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Recent Updates

Tim Joins us for a Passage

Tim catches up on Ogilvy work Friday before we push off

Tim takes the helm as we leave Manhasset Bay
then it’s time to leave NYC behind
Sail off into the sunset
and have fun!
We had lots of good meals on board
Skipping Rocks with Rand
Cousin Paul is an Expert Swordfish Griller
Tim learning the innards of the sailboat
We brought 7 friends out for a day sail on Gardiner’s Bay
Cousin Nancy, Rand & Tim
Our cousins’ friends from NYC joined us for a day sail
We anchored in Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY
after sailing through the Plum Gut & Gardiner’s Bay


we had excellent winds and got to over 9 knots speed-over-ground
after the dinghy motor mishap, cousin Paul’s canoe became our mode of transportation
and Tim spent a lot of time cleaning oil & gasoline from the dinghy
Ellen tying off the anchor after leaving our anchorage
Tim found a great place to relax
Every day had a beautiful sunrise

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