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Horseshoe Buoy Lettering

It turned out not to be that easy to find lettering that would elegantly fit the unique shape of the large horseshoe buoy we bought at West Marine. Our ARC inspector suggested that we simply use a permanent sharpie to write our boat’s name on the buoy, but with my handwriting, I didn’t that would look very good. Luckily, with some online searching, I found a virtual store in the UK called Funky Monkey Boat Names that let us design customized lettering, guaranteed to fit, that they send you in an easy-to-apply format. The lettering wasn’t fast too come, but it did arrive via Royal Mail, which gives our buoy a Royal pedigree I guess!

Here is the process of applying the lettering. If you follow this path as we did, consider shellacking the lettering on after application to make sure it stays adhered.

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