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Pest Control

RSF Rose Garden

While we are so lucky to not have pests on the boat, we came back to deer and some ground pest in our rose garden: uh oh.  So we are on the attack this week to try to curb the destruction.  The gophers are easy; we found these solar sonic devices that have done amazing things in curbing them in other parts of the property.

The deer are a little more of a challenge.  We have tried several scents, but they continue to feast.  I think they have denuded at least 30 of our rose bushes.  That leaves quite a hole in the rose garden.

Deer Feast

Deer Feast

Rose Pellets aka Deer Scat

In April and May we have over 9,000 individual roses in the garden when all of the plants are in full bloom: it is an amazing sight.  With the ravages of the deer and gophers we expect at least a 10% reduction and perhaps more if left unchecked.  We are going to try some motion-activated sound and light devices, as well as continue to walk dogs, and their lifted legs, on the property line.  If anyone has any other ideas, please let us know.



Until we get this turned around, spring of 2015 may be a little less “rose-y”.

Where deer want to roam

Deer food?

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  1. A solution of egg whites and water in a pump sprayer works really well. Spray what you don’t want them to eat.

    • Thank you Tim and Kathy. Egg whites are much easier to get than lion urine. I did not know that deer were chicken phobic.

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