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Incan Stonework – so Impressive!

Don’t these stones look like the fake stone at Disneyworld? Well, they are real, and were built by the Incas, entirely by hand-labor, thousands of years ago.

The Incas built as well, or better than, other illustrious civilizations like the ancient Egyptians or the Mayans.  The Incas used all manpower, too, because the only pack animals they had (until the Spanish invaded and brought horses, etc) were llamas and alpacas, which are not strong enough to pull massive stones through the jungle.  Instead, thousands of native Incas did the task, pulling the tremendous stones on logs or stone rollers from the quarries into Cusco.

Rand would have made a magnificent Incan – he is so strong!  Here he is in the Temple of the Moon, a piece of impressive Incan architecture and construction.

Peru is in an earthquake zone and the Incas knew how to construct massive edifices that would withstand big earthquakes.  The stones are masterfully cut to fit together in a perfect, tight interlocking weave. Each stone is pillowed. They are a masterpiece to behold.

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