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Port and Passage Panoramas: Turkey

Turkey Port ‘n’ Passage Panorama Photos

So am thinking of doing a series on Port n Passage Panorama’s and this is the first (not sure if it will be the last) in a series.  I have been taking panoramas of our journey as a by-product of an alternative log book we use called “log book” that is an app that creates an entry with loads of information (see end of post for a list) and pictures and text. For the picture I try to stand on the deck of Golden Glow and take a panoramic of the bay or harbor we are in.  The app allows to export a PDF that has all the data and pictures.  Here are several of the Panoramas that we have taken in Turkey so far.  Enjoy:

Another excellent day


This is the pretty harbor of Kastellorizo on the island of Megisti, Greece. Wonderful turtles swim the bay. The mosque at the far end of the bay has a noon movie that shares the history of the island. Very moving.


The Daylan River is closed to private “speed” boats, so taking a dingy up the river is not allowed. Even though I did take one most of the way into the town of Daylan. I eventually returned to Golden Glow and we hired a boat for the trip up the river. This was taken from the bow of that boat.


This is a wonderful harbor called Cliftlik. Pine trees meet palm trees at the beach and there are many great restaurants with small grocery stores. The fresh bread is wonderful. This semi protected harbor is just west of Marmaris.

TurkeyPano-2015-10-03 TurkeyPano-2015-10-02b TurkeyPano-2015-09-30 TurkeyPano-2015-09-30-Crisi


Here we are on a ferry heading into the Island of Meis, as the Turks call the Greek Island of Megisti.


This is a view from the berth on G dock in Kas, Turkey. A new marina with several restaurants, bars, very good grocery store and fairly complete marine services.




The application LogBook also keeps data on the following:

  • Date/time
  • Lat/long and GPS accuracy
  • a verbal indication of location like something you would find in google maps
  • COG & SOG
  • If your anchored, moored, at dock or underway
  • bunch of stuff like engine hours, water, fuel levels, battery level, grey water
  • weather info that includes conditions, Hg, wind speed, direction, air and water temp, wave, perception







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