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Circumnavigation To-Do list

Circum-Navigation To Do List

As any boat owner knows the “to-do” list seems to always grow faster than it shrinks.  On Golden Glow, we have five months to get her ready for a multi-year adventure and that is like miracle-grow for a to-do list.

The good news: Antares is a great catamaran, already designed with world cruising in mind, so our starting point is excellent. Also, the prior owner had done a great job with adding many quality items like five anchors, multiple sea anchors, night-vision video, etc.

The hard-work news: Ellen and I started with over 70 fix-it items from our survey and added another 80 in upgrades and adjustments we wanted to add.  All-in-all we are currently three months into our five month prep and we have completed approximately 90 tasks out of 150.  60 to go!!  (for now)

Last night I added a photo-electric cell to the anchor light (hat tip to Mark Silverstein on s/v Field Trip)   so the light will automatically go on at dusk if we are not on the boat. The sensor I chose allows for adjustments of light sensitivity so I was able to place the sensor in the salon out of the weather and was able to adjust it to work fine with interior lights on.  We will see how the longevity works as it was less than $10 from Amazon
BTW: there are no instructions included with this device and some of the circuit board labels are Chinese, so if you would like information on wiring let me know)

Golden Glow LED Lighting

Color changing LED accent lighting on Golden Glow

The day before, I added some LED accent lighting inside the valances that Antares so kindly added. 
The lights we use allow for any of over two million colors, but, so far, we mostly use a soft white-magenta during the evenings while on board, and will use the red when underway at night.  This is nice because the current LED lighting in the Salon does not have a red mode (yet).

Some of the other completed items on the list:

  • new Polk speakers in the cockpit that could handle the size of the amp without blowing (another pair await hanging behind rear seats)
  • new hard plastic Makrolon to replace the old, yellowed and cracked isinglass front side panels on the enclosure that is abrasion resistant, UV & chemical resistant, and you can bend without breaking
  • new Gortex thread on the trampolines and canvas allowing the thread to outlast the material it was sewn into
  • new alarm system installed (with over 10 sensors on the boat including motion, deck pressure, hatch opening and infrared) to keep Ellen safe
  • boat drink holders (5 so far) at rear seats and pulpit seats for the sunset ice teas (co-pilot seat on order)
  • new seat covering throughout the interior of the salon, nav table and desk. The new material is amazing: comfortable, soft and oh so pretty
  • all sails washed by North Sail and repaired where needed
  • substantial medical kit and ditch bag updates
  • new high water alarms on both hulls
  • new marine toilet seats that are sta-tite, anti-bacterial, and have soft closing lids so no late night slamming noises
  • and over 80 more…

Putting the shine on Golden Glow is a work in progress, and it is fun to see her evolve into a young lady.

A young lady ready to go to the ball!

Time to get back to work!

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