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Golden Glow’s Sailboat Movie Theater


the glow of our movie theater inside our sunshade on the foredeck of Golden Glow

In anticipation of spending more time at equatorial latitudes in the South Pacific, we had a sunbrella canopy made that covers the whole front of Golden Glow. It gives us the sense of having doubled our living space. We’ll use it when we are at anchor to give us more shade during the day – and for an al fresco dining/living room even when it’s raining, a movie theater and maybe even ballroom dancing at night : )


I cringe when I think back to how much money I spent on a big, clunky Sony movie projector in 1998 that hung from the ceiling in our house in California…and how short a life it had before technology offered better for less.

Our current projector is very inexpensive on Amazon – and that includes the fully functional tablet it’s contained in.

Now we sit in our comfortable deck chairs and watch movies, our wonderful drone footage and other videos and even photos, projected against the inside of our canopy. In the balmy tropics, reclining watching our movie theater makes for a delightful evening whether it’s just the two of us, or if we invite the whole anchorage over to join.

Movie sound is best over these bluetooth portable wireless speakers that we have mounted on stanchions and up under the lip of our salon roof for quad surround sound. Sometimes we use when it’s only the two of us watching we just use this small portable speaker positioned right beside us

We added this lightweight projector cloth that we stretch taught, attach to the inside of our sunshade canvas, and project our movies onto. It really made a huge difference in the quality of the picture. Without it, projecting on a wall or canvas, the picture isn’t nearly as bright. It could also be hung inside a boat or from stays – pretty much wherever you can stretch it out. We’ve even used the screen by itself, without attaching it to the inside of the sunshade, and it is fantastic to watch a movie with the stars surrounding your screen. The projector cloth screen folds up so we can put it away in a small space in a cabinet when we’re not using it. We were delighted by how reasonably priced it was for the substantial increase in picture quality it gives our projected films.

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