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What’s the Most Indispensable Item Living at Sea?

That’s kind of a trick question because of course there are so many items essential to health and safety and comfort. But an item Rand and I have come to regard as essential is a waterproof backpack. Rand had one when we first met, and that backpack had been around the world with us – several times – and helped us to have a lot of fun. Whether it was on on our kayak, or crossing a river or other body of water, or just hiking in rain, that backpack saved our cameras and phones and other do-not-get-wet items many times over. Having ridden that backpack hard, and put it to bed wet a time too many, it was showing signs of wear and we realized we should replace it before it gave out.

DSC06988_1024That’s why we were elated when we spotted waterproof backpacks in one of the first tents we entered on the opening day of the Annapolis boat show. Rand got a handsome blue one and I got a pink one that contributed a portion of the sale price to breast cancer research.DSC07084_1024 DSC07083_1024

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