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A New Better Air Filter for Volvo Penta D40 Boat Engines

Thanks to Warren “Chuck” Johnson on Exit Strategy for showing us how we could get the large plastic air cleaner monstrosities off Golden Glow’s engines and replace them with Uni Foam Air Filters, which are lightweight, small, compact – and BETTER – air filters. They are reputed to offer superior engine protection and enhanced performance.

Uni filters have a unique two-in-one design that makes cleaning them easier and more thorough. You will want to use Uni filter foam oil and cleaner to keep these air filters in tip top shape. We make sure to clean them regularly as part of our preventive maintenance tasks. The instructional videos below illustrate how to properly oil and clean your Uni Filter to achieve maximum engine protection and performance.

Be sure to properly oil the Uni Air Filter before you install it! Without sufficient oil, the air filter won’t stop the harmful dirt particles from entering your engine, which will result in decreased performance and could cause serious engine damage.

Here are the vdeos showing how to oil your UNI foam filters

These are links to the best prices we found for them on Amazon.

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