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Recent Updates

Our New Parasailor

One of our best “scores” at the Annapolis Boat Show was a very good deal on a 105 m2 “orange emotion” Parasailor from TEC that had been used as a demo in a Sail Magazine photoshoot.

There are several reasons we’re so excited to have a parasailor. Because we have in-mast furling, we have a slightly smaller mainsail. Consequently, our foresails become extra important for power. Parasailors can handle from 5 to 25 knots of wind, and across a nice wide span of wind directions, from behind the boat as well as extending toward each beam.

When we cross the Atlantic and the Pacific from east to west, with steady trade winds behind us, we expect we might have our parasailor up during the majority of our passages.

We can’t wait to get some nice winds behind us, launch our new sail and let her fly!



6-parasailor_lagoon_450_turkeyThese are photos and video of our parasailor, just not on Golden Glow.

Sailing Golden Glow Catamaran with Parasailor in Croatia from sv Golden Glow on Vimeo.

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