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Wall Plate for Nav Station To Keep Inputs & Cords Neat & Organized

I had read on Jason & Gail’s very helpful Two Fish blog about a wall plate they had built and installed at their Nav Station. They mentioned on the blog that they got it at Ram Electronics. It turned out not to be as easy to find the site, or the product (it gets specially made) so I thought I’d share the information here. It should work well in any boat, and you could contact the factory and customize it further to your needs.

The manufacturer is:

Thomas Steves
RAM Electronic Industries Inc.
1704 Taylors Lane
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Toll Free: 888-726-2440
Phone: 856-864-0999
Fax: 856 786-2262

You can order by emailing Stephanie at Steph [at] ramelectronics [dot] net.

Attached is quote for the wall plate.

P/N RAMEI-WQ379438
Price $  123.15 each

The order in non-cancelable and non-returnable, unless the plate is defective.
They ship in around 7-10 days.
To place an order, you have to sign and fax the drawing to Stephanie with your contact information. Then, they will contact you to confirm the order before it’s placed.
You should be able to customize the labels to your boat, i.e. we have Furuno, but you may want to say Raymarine or Simrad.
Similarly, we wanted a link to certain navigation, telephony, internet and entertainment equipment. You can choose the inputs you prefer.

Here is what the wall plate looks like. We love the neatness of it!navPlate

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