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We made a short three-night trip to Mustique for the long weekend. The island holds a certain allure as being exclusive. After all, it was the only Caribbean island that had been “closed” for a time this winter – this on account of a visit by the British Royals, William and Catherine. The island has close ties to its British roots, and seems to have the pedigree to match.


the fish are cleaned…



Buying fish straight from the fishermen: the fish are cleaned, weighed, and bought by the fishmonger at one end of the counter, and sold to us at the other end.

Mustique is the cleanest island we’ve been to in the Caribbean so far, with Saba a close second.


The roads are swept regularly


taxis are immaculate inside and out


not only is there good trash service, they recycle – and items are even divided by item (many other Caribbean islands seem to pay only lip service to recycling at best)


Entertainment on Locals’ Night at Basil’s Bar




the sweet shops in town



stocking up on fruits and veggies at Stanley’s was a pleasure


Basil’s Bar is theDSC09430_1024

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