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Why Sailing Around the World Produces Happiness

Why are we sailing around the world? In a word, freedom. It also gives us great joy, and this may be why –
According this very wise retired neurologist/psychiatrist, human beings who launch themselves into forward lateral acceleration can experience happiness simply from the motion. He uses rollerblading to achieve nirvana. For us, sailing itself, no matter where we are going, feels good. Following the wise doctor’s science, this may be in part because sailing => forward acceleration => a feeling of expansion = > meditation = > happiness.
Take 16 minutes to watch this doctor’s video as a gift to yourself and you will be glad you did!
(hat tip to Kent Rarick for turning us onto it : )

For him, and for us too, stepping off the track of driving hard, chasing ego-driven pursuits, and choosing to live a simpler life, is definitely a good choice.

3 Comments on Why Sailing Around the World Produces Happiness

  1. Thanks for the video; while I am no dr. – while entering middle age my feelings are a mirror image of his. I’ve got the big house in the suburbs etc. but work is a drag and I don’t need any more stuff. I think it would be liberating to get rid of it all and live simple and free as Slomo now does. Cheers to you Slomo! I hope to join you soon…..

  2. Certainly makes one think….

    • From rock a bye baby to the tender rocking of a shoulder to cry on… then there are the rock and roll moments when we are full tilt loving a brisk breeze on rolling seas… all good and in most cases great… and maybe all the more because of those little rocks in my head.

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