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Turks & Caicos to Puerto Rico

Turks & Caicos was beautiful, the weather was good, so we lingered. but knowing our flights back to the mainland from San Juan were scheduled on the 17th, and that we wanted a couple of days to get the boat prepped to leave for a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with the kids, we finally had to leave Turks & Caicos, including new friends, to push off for Puerto Rico. We sailed (and swam in) the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean on the passage, called the Puerto Rico Trench. It was an exhilarating feeling to swim off the boat above the Trench. It took mental strength not to pull your toes up to your ears, wondering what might be below you, coming up to nibble them : ) The seas were tamer than the passage from Charleston to T&C, and with dear friend Jack on board to share the adventure with us, it was a fantastic passage!



San Juan brought some heavy rains, giving us our first inside meal of the whole trip!



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