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Navigating the Fast-Flowing & Sometimes Treacherous East River in New York

I’ve been meaning to get this video up. This was a special trip for me, because New York City is my hometown. Sailing (well, motoring in this case as we were into the wind the whole way) up the East River was also very special because at 83 Street, we passed right by my old school, Brearley, where I lived by Truth & Toil for 13 formative years (kindergarten through 12th grade).  Robby was along with Rand and me for the journey, which made it extra-special, and extra-enjoyable too.

The East River can have a very fast current. It’s been clocked at over 6 knots. When we got to the notorious “Hell Gate,” we were going over 9 knots, mainly from the push of the current. We timed our departure well and had 5 knots pushing Golden Glow northward, so the trip from the tip of Manhattan to Port Washington, on Long Island’s north shore, went quickly.
I know the video is too long…even my kids who are in them, and for whom I’m really making the videos, are telling me that. I promise to make them shorter, and hopefully more fun to watch, as time goes by.

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