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Rappelling off a Cliff in Dominica

We enjoy a lot of adrenaline rushes sailing, but thanks to Shaun and Neil Sullivan of sv Escapade, who introduced us to guide Sea Cat, we also got to enjoy an exciting day on land in Dominica. After a wild hike up and through a river, we swam under Victoria Falls, then ended the day with an exciting cliff expedition near the Aba Ravine Cyrique waterfall where we rappelled without harnesses, holding onto tree roots and ropes, down a 250′ cliff to where the turbulent Atlantic ocean crashed on a black, volcanic beach. The photo below needs some explanation. IMG_6739_1024That blue dot in the middle is me, far down below Rand’s sandaled feet that are resting on tree roots to the left. We are climbing down a 250 foot cliff IMG_4456_1024to the Atlantic Ocean, IMG_4462_1024relying on only tree roots and old ropes and one rickety ladder in a place where there is sheer rock. You may be able to see that I am holding the rope and my head is facing down to see where I’m going. Even though it might look scary, I never felt as if I would fall. And the climb was one of the most fun on-land adventures we’ve had so far on our travels. The video is a little long, but I hope it lets you feel as if you’re climbing the cliff yourself. I shot it with my go-pro on my forehead.  Going down was harder because frequently you have to reach your foot down as far as you can and feel for another tree root or place to get your next toe-hold. Coming up was a much faster scramble.

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